Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Boomers, using social media effectively is an uphill climb (with bad knees)

We heard from social media whiz Juliette Rule last night at a combined meeting of the Laramie County Democrats and the Democratic Grassroots Coalition.

I liked her generational breakdown of Facebook's impact. For Gen Y (Millennials), it's all about branding, about doing your own PR. For Gen X, it's about holding people accountable. For Baby Boomers, well -- they (we) like that social connection. It may also come with a little bit of a downside. What she meant, but was too polite to say in front of a roomful of Boomers, is that we're dazed and confused by social media and don't really know what to do with it. Perhaps if there were a few Gen Y or Gen X Dems (besides Juliette) in the room with us codgers? Better question is: why weren’t there any other Gen X or Gen Y Dems in that room?

Best thing we can do is try to understand social media and use it appropriately. I’m not there yet. Are you?

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Dwight said...

i'd be a gen'xer...any lefty organizations I have seen any number of millenials and kids and i've seen baby boomers but my own generation is missing every time, not sure what it says but wish it wasn't so

Michael Shay said...

We're getting older and Wyoming getting older than most. Boomers not doing their job in recruiting younger members.