Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Democracy for America trying to keep a few steps ahead of Dingbats for America

From Monique Teal, Democracy for America:
2012 is almost here and the stakes are high. We've seen what happens when right-wing Republicans get elected at the state and national levels - wars on working families, women and the American Dream. DFA is gearing up to elect more progressives than ever in 2012. This means more actions, more endorsements and a lot more trainings.
We're scheduling our 2012 Campaign Academy trainings right now and we'd love to organize one near you! 
Apply to host a Campaign Academy in Wyoming! 
I can't host but I'll contribute $15 to support the Campaign Academy scholarship fund! 
Since it was created in 2004, DFA has been building the progressive movement by training thousands of progressive activists and candidates every year. We've brought our training program to over 115 cities across the country and trained over 12,000 progressive activists.
A Campaign Academy is more than just a series of lectures. They are gatherings of like-minded and passionate progressives where we assess what is working, learn cutting edge campaign skills and make plans for the future. We bring the best political talent in the country to your city to fire up the local progressive movement. 
Have an active group that can plan a training? Click here to Host a Campaign Academy in NULL.
Thank you for everything you do. 
Monique Teal, National Field OrganizerDemocracy for America

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