Sunday, July 31, 2011

Putting Wyoming in charge of health insurance will work as well as putting Wyoming in charge of energy policy

From the New York Times:
The Obama administration will soon take over the review of health insurance rates in 10 states where it says state officials do not adequately regulate premiums for insurance sold to individuals or small businesses.
Wyoming, of course, is one of these states. Here's a quote on the subject from Sen. Dr. Barrasso:
Senator John Barrasso, Republican of Wyoming, complained that federal officials were stripping states of the freedom to run their health insurance markets. 
“In Wyoming, state leaders have chosen to let the free market work,” Mr. Barrasso said, “ The president and his administration have no idea what is best for the people of Wyoming. The people of Wyoming know what works for our state better than any Washington bureaucrat.”
Imagine putting our Know Nothing, gubment-hating, Republican-dominated state legislature in charge of our health insurance choices? Sheer suicide. And Dr Barrasso knows this. Seems like he is suggesting assisted suicide for all Wyoming residents. More than suggesting it -- he's advocating it. Maybe this is better (with a nod to Rep. Alan Grayson during the Congressional health care debates): Hurry up and die, Wyomingites. Hurry up and die. 


5 comments: said...

Who in the F*CK are you people at Hummingbird? You are the most left wing socialist bunch I have seen online in WYO in a long time. But, OH, I just saw that comments must be "approved" by the blog author...another euphemism for censorship...I'm sure this will never see the light of day since you don't like what I say.

If you think the Feds, ESPECIALLY the Prez. knows more about WYO than we who live here, you are truly nutjobs!!! I dare you to post this!!!

Michael Shay said...

I filter my comments due to Spam. Real comments always see the light of day.

Thank you for the compliments.

The Feds say that Wyoming is doing a lousy job regulating health insurance rates. Wyoming is among ten states deficient in that area. No surprise that those states are in the hands of gubment-hating Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Michael, you believe the Feds? The current Administration wants to control everything in he country, especially health care. It is only natural that they would claim Wyoming is doing a lousy job so they can justify their own control of the country. said...

Kudos to you Michael, I really truly thought you would send my comment to the black hole. Doesn't change my opinion that you are so far left that you look to your right to see California! And I am NOT one of the folks who thinks like that, nor uses the word "gubment." I think I am kind of right-center in my views.

Michael Shay said...

That's a good line, Dave. I never thought of myself further left than the Left Coast. That puts me smack dab in the Pacific, a bad place to be during shark week.

I don't think that the Feds have all the answers. But government isn't bad in itself. I would venture to say that the people of Crook County have benefited from a few state and federal programs.