Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Montana bloggers get jump on Yellowstone River spill

It took a few days for the Exxon-Mobil oil pipeline spill to show up in mainstream media.

But Montana bloggers were on the story from the get-go. Start by dialing in jhwygirl's July 2 post at 4&20blackbirds and keep reading. On July 2, we all were sitting along the shores of at least one pristine Wyoming stream while jhwygirl was sharing posts and photos of a huge spill into the Yellowstone that eventually went to the Missouri and now, according to this morning's NPR interview with Mont. Gov. Brian Schweitzer, is all the way to North Dakota.

Here's one July 2 photo from the owner of the Blue Creek Farms ranch:
The State of Montana as slow to respond and Exxon-Mobil even tardier. But the outrage was clear on the blogs (Twitter, too but I haven't checked it out).

Rob Kailey's been posting from Left in the West. Yesterday's post is particularly poignant. While he points out a report about the spill from crooks & liars, he also notes that comments to the post are particularly mean-spirited when it comes to Red-State Westerners. Go see Rob's comments to the commenters, as he says it much better than I can.

Reminder to me and my readers: "Be Kind." That was Kurt Vonnegut's favorite advice. My mother's, too. Probably your mom's too. It's so easy to say things online that you wish you could take back. I've done it. Next time disaster strikes, remember that those are people under that tornado or in the path of the wildfire or along a polluted river in Montana. People, not statistics, not "those people" who may have voted against you.


larry kurtz said...

Please don't forget the Button Valley Bugle, Mr. Shay.

Michael Shay said...

Somehow, I neglected to mention that the Button Valley Bugle has been on this story like stink on a skunk from the very beginning. I'm linking to the Bugle starting now.