Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Laramie County Democrats stage a home-raising for Habitat for Humanity July 17

Jimmy Carter, well-known Democrat, works with locals on 2010 Minnesota  building project

Laramie County Democrats will be participating in a Habitat for Humanity build on Sunday, July 17, noon until 5 p.m. The location for the build house is 3823 Messenger Court.  The site is located off McCann Avenue between Pershing and Dell Range in Cheyenne. Volunteers are needed. To participate contact LCD Chair Linda Stowers at 307-220-1219. Close-toed shoes/boots are required on site.  Please wear Democratic Party and or Progressive t-shirts, pins or other gear if possible as pictures will be taken. Photos will be posted online. 

I have to hit the road for work that day but will stop by to pound a couple nails. I've been a fan of Habitat for Humanity since serving on the first board of directors for Habitat for Humanity of Laramie County. Local minister and blogger Rodger McDaniel once directed Habitat in Nicaragua. Back in the Contra War days, I spent a week in Nicaragua touring Habitat sites. We hauled a suitcase filled with Pepto Bismol and a bulky VW van windshield to Habitat builders in Managua and Esteli. During the American boycott, it was very difficult to get anything except in-country rebar and hometown beer. 

See you July 17. I'll be in my "Wyoming Democrats -- Alive and Kicking" T-shirt. Or maybe my "Wyoming for Obama" T-shirt. 

BYOH -- Bring your own hammer.

Another way to support Habitat -- shop at the Habitat ReStore near you. For directory of Wyoming locations, go to

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