Friday, July 01, 2011

Feeling safer already as new Wyoming concealed carry law goes into effect today

I feel safer already (from the Casper Star-Tribune):
A law that allows Wyomingites to carry concealed weapons without permits goes into effect today. 
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During the second of two seminars on the new law sponsored by the Cheyenne Police Department on Wednesday, the instructor, officer Jay Remers, told the group it still is beneficial to get a concealed weapons permit. The firearms training is valuable for gun owners who may be familiar with hunting rifles but not with using handguns, particularly if faced with someone armed with a knife, he said. 
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Officer Remers, meanwhile, said after the meeting that he expects only minor problems with the new law, like people carrying a concealed weapon into a prohibited area. “I don’t anticipate carnage in the streets, as some predict,” he said, adding that more signs prohibiting firearms have been posted in the capital city recently. 
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The new law, he said, appeals to citizens who are suspicious of government and don’t want to subject themselves to the scrutiny associated with getting a permit. 
During the seminar, Remers warned of the severe ramifications of shooting or killing someone, even in self-defense. “If you can avoid shooting someone, avoid shooting someone,” he said. 
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Read the snipped-out parts here.

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