Monday, July 25, 2011

Daily Kos: A New Literary Movement from the Mountain West (And Why it Matters)

Posted yesterday by nonnyidaho at Daily Kos was this intriguing piece about a new artistic movement taking root in eastern Idaho and northeren Utah. Using the name "Parkwood Kind" after "Parkwood Acres" near Rigby, Idaho, these young people are abandoning their LDS upbringings to explore Buddhism and Liberal politics. Their explorations come in the form of poetry and music. using the medium of art, and by appealing to the humanity (not the ideology) of those willing to listen to them. The Parkwood Kind is relevant today because their approach to this polarized political atmosphere could teach all of America a lesson. They are preaching a revolutionary concept: following our own consciences, despite the political or ideological repercussions.  And their consciences, as expressed in their works, are most often proponents of a progressive, environmentally friendly society where individualism, sustainability, and equality are supreme.
Haven't read or listened to the work yet so can't speak to that. But it's always good to spread the word about something positive coming out of the usual depressing dreck that issues from the Tea Party-influenced neighborhood of ID/UT/WY. My neighborhood.

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