Sunday, July 03, 2011

Advice to seniors: Turn off the TV and go to school

According to MSN Money:
How Americans age 65 to 74 spend their day in hours(Results for the total population age 15 and older are in parenthesis.)
  • Personal care activities (including sleep): 9.67 (9.47).
  • Watching TV: 3.77 (2.52).
  • Household activities: 2.41 (1.79).
  • Eating and drinking: 1.42 (1.25).
  • Working: 1.15 (3.50).
  • Purchasing goods and services: 0.94 (0.75).
  • Reading: 0.62 (0.29).
  • Socializing: 0.59 (0.55).
  • Relaxing and thinking: 0.55 (0.28).
  • Organizational, civic and religious activities: 0.52 (0.35).
  • Leisure computer use: 0.38 (0.39).
  • Exercise: 0.31 (0.29).
  • Caring for non-household members: 0.31 (0.21).
  • Telephone calls, mail, and email: 0.23 (0.18).
  • Caring for household members: 0.11 (0.51).
  • Education activities: 0 (0.47)
Education activities zero? That seems wrong. Every spring, I teach LIFE classes through Laramie County Community College and the classes are packed. I am 60 and my students are 65-and-up. I've also taught at Elderhostel. Zero education activities? Many colleges and universities have adjacent retirement communities. Some of these look a bit scary, such as the one at my alma mater, University of Florida. Eighteen-hole golf course? No thanks. Free paleontology and literature and ag courses at UF? And tix to b-ball? Count me in. 

Turn off the TV, people, especially if you're watching FOX. It's melting your brains. 

Go to school.

P.S.: Retirement village at UF is Oak Hammock. Here are some of the classes offered in the fall:

▪ Alternative Energy Sources 
▪ Native American Art 
▪ The Many Aspects of Forensics 
▪ Law and the Movies
▪ Bees
▪ Jazz III - Gary Langford 
▪ The Profound Art of Cormac McCarthy: An 
Introduction– Robert Gentry
▪One day seminar on a Shakespeare play 
 Estelle Aden 
▪Lecture by David Colburn 
▪ Cutting Edge Lectures 
▪Understanding and Enjoying Opera 
▪Roundtable Discussion in the Algonquin      
▪ Conversational Spanish

Nice line-up. I especially like the Cormac McCarthy course.

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