Friday, June 17, 2011

Wyoming asks that darn federal gubment for disaster relief

Tonight, Wyomingites along creeks and rivers in Crook, Carbon, Albany, Lincoln and Sheridan counties are thanking their lucky stars and Gov. Mead that there is federal government assistance available in their time of need. If U.S. House Republicans (and presidential candidate Mitt Romney) have their way, federal disaster assistance will dry up and blow away -- or maybe be washed away in a tide of hypocrisy. From the Casper Star-Tribune:
Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead has signed a disaster declaration for damages around the state caused by the ongoing flooding.

The state estimates more than $3 million in damages so far. That includes the cost of preventative efforts, mainly Mead's decision to deploy Wyoming National Guard members.

Rain and snowmelt have flooded several areas of the state, including Crook, Carbon, Albany, Lincoln and Sheridan counties. Many other rivers and streams are running high or near flood stage.

The governor's office says the state Transportation Department has responded to or is monitoring 37 landslides across the state.

Mead says the disaster declaration is needed for Wyoming to qualify for assistance from the federal government.

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