Monday, June 20, 2011

Outing ALEC legislators in Wyoming and elsewhere

From Daily Kos
Bloggers at Netroots Nation 11 had many discussions about our crazed state legislatures. We know that many of the wildest and most anti-human bills come from ALEC -- the Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council.

We can go down the list of similar bills promoted in our states, especially those in the Rocky Mountain West. Anti-Obamacare. Check. Anti-immigrant. Check. Anti-labor. Check. Anti-public education. Check. Anti-women. Check. Anti-choice. Check. Anti-reason. Check, check and double-check.

ALEC lobbyists write the bills and pass them on to state legislators during sessions at its annual convention. This year, that convention will be in New Orleans in August (great choice, ALEC planners -- Jackson Hole would have been a much better choice for a dog days gathering -- and you could party at Dick Cheney's mountain redoubt). Anti-ALEC and Koch Brothers demonstrations are planned. And a concerted effort is in the works to out those legislators who are lackeys of the Far Right Rich. These state legislators say that they only have the wishes of their district's voters at heart. At the same time, they travel on the Koch Brothers dime to a national convention where shady Right Wing Bagmen slip them briefcases filled with boilerplate bills.

Sounds weird, doesn't it? A scene from a Robert Stone conspiracy flick? We wish....

Much more will be coming out on this topic during the next few months. Stay tuned to your local progressive blogger.

Sources: See Bob Sloan's post today on Daily Kos about ALEC and a model of a petition that can be sent to your state legislators. Go to

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