Saturday, June 25, 2011

Local Democrats out in force for SuperDay!

Laramie County Democrats' state committeeman Forrest King, Pres. Barack Obama yours truly at SuperDay!
Laramie County Democrats were out in force today at SuperDay! to sign up new members of the county party and commitment cards for Pres. Obama's 2012 re-election. Much fun was had by all, including Pres. Obama, who wasn't actually there but still wore a smile. I sported full war paint, including a mustache painted on at the Cheyenne Old-Fashioned Melodrama booth and a "Defy the Hate" slogan from the Defy the Hate anti-bullying campaign.
A bit windy as Chris (2008 Hilary Clinton alternate delegate to state convention) hugs Barack Obama
LarCoDems also sponsored a bean bag toss and impromptu hula-hoop lessons. Lots of people stopped by to sign up or chat or toss the bean bags. We had a prime spot in front of the main stage. To our left was the Cheyenne Family YMCA with all of its great family exercise and health programs. To our right were the melodrama folks, some in full costume -- and the others wearing new 2011 melodrama T-shirts. Next to them  was a booth staffed with local Shakespearean players.
A fair amount o progressive hula-hooping went on at the Laramie County Democrats' booth
It was a day devoted to creativity, to the life-affirming values most of us hold dear. As always, the City of Cheyenne Parks & Rec Department did a fantastic job. Thanks to thew main sponsor, Frontier Refining, home to some great union jobs. Fuel from the refinery finds its way to area gas stations such as the on at King Soopers on Dell Range. Local people, local fuel, local jobs.
Laramie County Democrats' Chair Linda Stowers and volunteer Seth King (with new banner in background)
And at SuperDay!, local fun and local political action. Local food too. Kiwanis was cooking up bratwurst lunches for $4 apiece.

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