Sunday, June 12, 2011

Depot design is my choice for the new logo of the Laramie County Democrats

I voted for this design as the new logo for the Laramie County Democratic Party. It evokes Cheyenne's early days as a railroad hub. All those railroad workers and passengers trooping through the depot when it was a train depot. The sounds of chugging engines and late-night train whistles. Many people connected with building the railroad and the depot went on to live and work in Cheyenne. The entire southern Wyoming railroad corridor spawned settlements that were bastions of Democrats who started unions for rail workers and miners. Fifty years ago in places like Rock Springs, it was as difficult to find a Republican as it was in Casper to find a Democrat. As lifelong Democratic Party activist Kathy Karpan once told me about growing up in Rock Springs: "I didn't know there was a Republican Party."

The Historic Train Depot is now an anchor of downtown Cheyenne. It was saved from destruction by local activists and funding from the Wyoming State Legislature. It features a railroad museum, gift shop and city offices. The lobby rings with the sounds of music, the chatter of vendors during the winter farmers' markets, echoes of children's feet as they troop through on school tours. The Shadows brew pub occupies the eastern end of the building. During the short summers, the plaza is always busy with concerts, two farmers' markets (Tuesdays and Saturdays), chili cook-offs, plein air painting competitions, etc. It has added life to downtown. It engenders "creative placemaking."

I like the other two proposed logo designs. You can see them at the Laramie County Democrats' web page. Each vote is $1. I voted five times, which is four times more than I get to vote at my precinct. This is an occasion when I can say, "Vote early, vote often."

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