Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daily Kos: "Why I'm Boycotting The Huffington Post, And I Hope You Will Too"

I do not provide free content (or any content, for that matter) to the Huffington Post, and don't plan to. I'm boycotting Huff Post until my brothers and sisters in the writing/blogging trade get paid. I just removed Huffington Post link from my blogroll.

Here's an excerpt from the Kos post:

Even Kos himself pays his front pagers for their work. He gives them fair pay and even health insurance for the work they put into this site. And for good reason. The front-pagers work very hard to put in quality work that gives the site a solid reputation for progressive activism. Arianna Huffington makes way more money from her site than Markos does (unless Kos made $315 million for this site, which I strongly doubt). She should not only pay her bloggers, but pay them damn well!

P.S.: I'm a Kossack but not a front-pager. I cross-post from my site four or five times a year, creating original material for hummingbirdminds and then sharing it with the larger world.

Why I'm Boycotting The Huffington Post, And I Hope You Will Too

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