Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kansas is perfect, so anti-abortion zealots come to Wyoming

Anti-abortion protesters from Kansas are demonstrating in Jackson. From Wyoming Public Radio:
The pro-life protest is being organized by a Kansas-based group called Operation Save America. They say their goal is to make Wyoming the nation's first abortion-free state, and they say the protest will continue into the weekend.

Why aren't they busily making Kansas the first abortion-free state? Or maybe they could make Kansas the first hungry-child-free state. Or maybe they could make sure that the kids in their local schools always have lunches to eat. Or maybe they could lobby their Kansas reps and senators to save Medicaid from Republican budget cuts so there won't be sick and dying babies and mothers in Colby and Wichita and Topeka.

I'm a big fan of protests. But I do wonder why these Kansans are so interested in Wyoming. And I wonder why they always care so much about the fetus but care so little about the babies and children and toddlers once they are born? This has always puzzled me.

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