Saturday, April 16, 2011

Push Brothers! -- great poster for the workplace

Push brothers -- and sisters. Roll back the Republican war on workers. Thanks to Political Loudmouth.


tom said...

Dear Mike,I'll ask one more time!That's right outa 1950s USSR!ARE YOU A COMMUNIST?I'll still love ya and I hope we only meet on the battle field of ideals!Mike something wicked this way comes,I'm woorried that people i love can not see,for I once was blind.......... ps,tell Cris hey!

Richard Dell said...

Hey, awesome poster! Thanks for sharing this!

Richard Dell
Rock County, WI

Michael Shay said...

Tom: Everything old is new again.

See you on the battlefield of ideas.

Your bro, Mike

PoliticalLoudmouth said...

Hey guys,

This art is a WPA mural from the 1930s. It is 100% American.

Mike, thanks for sharing this.

See you on the battlefield, brothers!


PoliticalLoudmouth said...

Oh, and since you mentioned "sisters," thought you might be interested in seeing our companion poster. Check it out at:!/photo.php?fbid=10150166503072722&set=a.10150163340677722.305163.281168802721&type=1&theater


Michael Shay said...

Thanks, PL. I've seen many of the old WPA murals and thought it looked familiar. Thanks for the creative, powerful posters.