Monday, March 21, 2011

Thomas Friedman: Obama won't lead, and the Republicans "have just gone nuts"

Not necessarily a fan of NYT's Thomas L. Friedman, but this column is a good one. It's full of quotable lines.
So far, the G.O.P. is calling for cuts in the things we need to invest more in — like education and infrastructure — while leaving largely untouched things we need to reduce, like entitlements and defense spending. A country that invests more in its elderly than its youth, more in nursing homes than schools, will neither invent the future nor own it.
As someone much closer in age to elderly than youth, closer to nursing homes than schools, I agree. In 2008, we were all about the future. In 2011, it's all about the past. And it's not all about the regressiveness of the new Republican majority.
But then the president won’t lead. When pressed on energy, he will say that he just doesn’t have the Republican votes for a serious clean energy policy. But the president has never gotten in the G.O.P.’s face on this issue. He has not put his own energy plan on the table and then gone out to the country and tried to sell it.
I'm an Obama supporter and this is exactly what I find frustrating about him.

Obama won't lead. Meanwhile, as Friedman says, the Republicans "have just gone nuts" and are busily hacking away at the progressive legislation passed during Obama's first two years. And they want their damn Edison light bulbs back! They have gone nuts.

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