Saturday, March 26, 2011

Help send this blogger to summer camp

Dear Friends:

I started my progressive blog, hummingbirdminds, in 2005. Those were the early days of political blogging. Hunkered down in a sod hut, I wrote my posts by candlelight, my PC powered by a coal-fired boiler.

We're in a new era. My PC is still powered by Wyoming coal (and will be forever, thanks to Energy Czar Ken Salazar!) but now I'm blogging in the bright light of day. I've discovered there are others like me in the far reaches of the country, places such as Zephyrhills, Florida, and Minot, N.D. There's a chance for us to gather together in mid-June in Minneapolis. We'll trade tips and learn how to better network with our peers around the country and throughout the West.

But I need your help. Netroots Nation will waive the tuition if I'm selected for a scholarship. I'll still have to ride my horse Blue to Minnesota, but we will graze together in lush garden plots across Nebraska and Iowa and Minnesota. A low-cost trip! Once in Minneapolis, Blue and I can share cheap lodgings at one of the city's many hipster hostels.         

So what are you waiting for? Help send this Wyoming blogger to Netroots Nation summer camp! Vote at .

Your truly,
Michael Shay
Cheyenne, WY


larry kurtz said...

Mr. Shay: Sending you some traffic from Madville Times. Note that your link is a blogspot address and not the current.

Good luck and best wishes.

Michael Shay said...

Thanks, Larry. realized I hadn't updated your link. It's fresh now.