Thursday, March 24, 2011

Celebrate campus free speech and human rights with a pledge to Ann Coulter's Homo Rainbow on Facebook

Ann Coulter's Homo Rainbow page on Facebook is growing by laps and bounds.

I originally posted about this on March 11, just after the project was started by Laramie rabble-rousers Meg Lanker and Will Welch. The idea is to make a pledge for each minute that Fox "News" commentator and Liberal-hater Ann Coulter speaks at UW on March 31. The funds go to three Wyoming LGBT organizations: GetEqual WY, Equality for All and the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Such a great way to turn this event on its head. You will recall that the UW College Republicans made their own pledge back in the spring of 2010. Miffed that education reformer and one-time '60s radical Bill Ayers was allowed to speak on campus, the Repubs started working on an Ann Coulter engagement. It took awhile. Ann's busy as heck and couldn't come until a year later. And she only costs $20,000. Plus we hear that she wants only red M&Ms and pure, undiluted and unaltered American-made water in her hospitality suite. Any other beverage would compromise her precious bodily fluids.

Ann Coulter speaking at UW is not an issue. She has every right to speak. The college president has not sought to rescind the invitation, as he did with the one to Bill Ayers. Gov. (then gubernatorial candidate) Mead has not objected, as he did for the Ayers' speech. Former Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jim McBride hasn't said a thing, although he was plenty miffed about Ayers. He wasn't the only one. Former Democratic Gov. Dave Freudenthal and Sen. Al Simpson also objected to the Ayers visit. Certain rich alumni threatened to withdraw funding from crucial projects, such as the new football stadium skyboxes with their unlimited supply of fresh Republican water (a.k.a. Freedom Water!). These alumni also said they would hold their breath until they turned blue. Or -- preferably -- red.

I could go on and on. Pledge now at

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