Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wyoming Sen. Kit Jennings: Guns before people!

Republican Sen. Kit Jennings of Casper on Wyoming Legislature's concealed carry bill: "We kind of drew the line in the sand and said we're going to start here and start working back toward everybody having constitutional rights." He also said that Wyoming citizens and lawmakers sent this message with the passage of the bill: "Quit taking away our constitutional rights."

So why did he vote to strip constitutional rights from Wyoming LGBT citizens? Guns before people? Does he have a list of people he is going to eventually endow with constitutional rights? If so, gays and lesbians and teachers and immigrants must be way down at the bottom.

Check out his contradictory votes at


Anonymous said...

Odd how the so-called conservatives pretend to want less government, but can't wait to get in the bedroom. And from Jennings, of all people! How can someone who got a judgement for $1.5 m against him for shady business practices pretend to tell others how to live? And that's not counting the 120k he owes the govt. for welshing on his taxes!

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough council member Kim Holloway brought out the constitution and read the safety and morality clause. The gun guy at the council meeting asked what that has to do with a gun and further asked Hollaway if she would tell people what to do in their bedroom with that clause and she nodded yes. Maybe it's best to stay out of the gun issue because Holloway got entangled in the wrong fight.