Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just what are those chemicals used in fracking?

I was watching the CBS 60 Minutes segment tonight ("Shaleionaires") about natural gas drilling and horizontal drilling and fracking in shale formations. Most of the episode was set in Louisiana and Texas and West Virginia. One guy demonstrated how he could light his water on fire.

This issue has come up in Pavillion, Wyoming, and has been well-documented. Wyoming is now the only state that requires companies to release the chemicals used in fracking. Kind of hard to believe that our oil-and-gas-and-coal state had the foresight to make a stand on fracking. Too bad CBS didn't talk about that.

Oil shale drilling is booming in Laramie, Platte and Goshen counties here in Wyoming. Lots of talk about danger to our water supplies but no hard data yet. Or maybe I should say -- no hard data that's been released to the public.

More later....

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