Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy 65th birthday, Neil Young -- keep on rockin' in the free world


jhwygirl said...

Long may he run!

mpage225 said...

Mike, one of the 5 best rock and roll songs ever written. This is a really good video. There is a better one on the SNL 25 years of music DVD which I bought (with a Christmas gift card as it is a bit pricey) primarily for Neil Young's performance of this song.It very well may be the best live performance ever recorded.

There is a story of what he did to get his energy level up, which is relatively easy in a live concert setting but much harder when doing one song for TV.

Anyway, thanks for posting. This is one song I play 2-3 times when it comes up on my iPod.


Michael Shay said...

When I was searching for this video I watched the one with Pearl Jam and Neil. Great guitar jam by Neil.