Saturday, October 16, 2010

Repub candidates sighted in neighborhood

I was home this afternoon when Jack Nicholas came to call.

No, not Jack Nicklaus. He's golfing somewhere, especially on a nice day like this.

Jack Nicholas is father to Bob Nicholas, running for Wyoming House District Eight. Jack, who once served in the state legislature, and Bob are both Republicans. However, there is nothing on his brochure that says "Republican." There is one tiny little "(R)" on his logo. But that's it. Not sure if that means much. Laramie County does have a fair share of Dems. Most importantly, in this district, Republicans have a slight edge over Democrats, registration-wise. And it has sent a Dem (Lori Millin) to the legislature during the past two elections.

Last week on these pages, I said I had not seen any Republicans campaigning in my general neighborhood. No Repub flyers, either. Today, I had a nice chat with Jack. I like a guy whose Dad hits the bricks to electioneer. He pointed at my array of Democratic candidate signs and said, "I guess I'm walking into the lion's den." I said that wasn't the case, that I was always ready to listen. I did admit that I'd been campaigning for Bob's rival, Ken McCauley. I told him that I liked Ken's platform and would probably vote for him. I also said I would read the brochure.

Nicholas's brochure is brown and prairie gold -- UW's school colors. Many Candidates use the Cowpokes' colors. It's the only four-year university in the state. He's also a Casper College and UW grad, and worked as an instructor at Central Wyoming Community College. I do like community college people. I'm one myself.

I can't see any part of his platform to disagree with. What about his web site?

Couldn't find one. It was only a 10-minute Google search. But the candidate's site should have been one of the first links. I Googled Ken McCauley and his site came up third on the list. Good site with lots of info. Go to

I like Ken's material, in print on online. I'll need more on Nicholas.

Stat tuned...

UPDATE 10/17: I just realized how kind I was being to a Republican candidate. If I ever get a chance to talk to him, I should ask this: "Will you renounce the Republican Party's politics of hate?" Makes me think of the question the priest asks your godparents when you are baptized: "Do you renounce Satan?"

Maybe that's a better way to put it...

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