Sunday, September 19, 2010

Linda Stowers: Support your local Democratic candidates

Message from Linda Stowers, Chair of the Laramie County Democrats (Go Linda!):

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I am proud to say I’m a Democrat in Wyoming. Not many people are saying that these days, but I think we need to step up and share our views and candidates with our neighbors. We have a great slate of candidates in Laramie County. At the County level we have Jeff Ketcham, County Commissioner, Wendy Soto, District Court Clerk and Tim Thorsen , County Clerk. All three are hardworking and dedicated individuals and we must elect them this fall. At the Legislative level we have Kathryn Sessions, Lori Millin, Ken McCauley, Robert Aylward, Jim Byrd, Mary Throne, Ken Esquibel and Gary Roadifer. We have the opportunity to pick up two additional House seats and a Senate seat. We must also help Leslie Peterson, Mike Massie and David Wendt with their statewide campaigns.

We have our office up and running. Stop by the office located at 408 W 23rd (across from the County Library) and pick up literature, signs or drop off a donation. If you can’t stop by give us a call at 307-634-9001 and we will have a sign delivered or literature sent. We can also use volunteers to help canvass, conduct phone banks or send out flyers on behalf of our candidates.

Upcoming events include an ice cream and pie social in Burns on September 18th, a Roadside rally on September 23rd ,a Chili Dinner on October 17th and a Victory Party on November 2. Candidates also have activities planned so there will be many opportunities to show your Democratic colors whether they be purple, red, blue, yellow or other colors of your choice. Stand up and be counted as a Democrat and support our Laramie County Candidates.

I have three campaign signs in my yard. How about you?


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