Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Wyoming primaries are two weeks and counting

Difficult to believe, but the state primaries are only two weeks away -- Aug. 17.

Been so busy with family matters and old-fashioned melodrama and gardening and work that I barely noticed.

I volunteered to be an election judge. I was a judge in the monumental 2006 mid-term elections, supervising the polls so thoroughly and adriotly that they wanted me back for aznother round.

Besides, the county was short of warm bodies, especially those with experience.

It's enjoyable to work at the polls. In the olden times of 2006, volunteers had to work full shifts, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Lori Millin, our state rep in District 8, shepherded a bill through the House that divided up those shifts. Not monumental legislation, but it may bring in more volunteers when county residents find out that they don't have to work from dawn, when the coffee and doughnuts are fresh, until it gets dark and all that's left is sludge at the bottom of the coffee pot and a few stale dough balls.

Lori has moved on to run for the State Senate. I worked for her election as rep and will do the same for her as senator. New to the race this year is Ken McCauley, who's been very active in the Laramie County Democrats and now makes the leap to running for office.

I have one of his signs in my yard. He did a hit-and-run delivery Sunday evening. It's blue (of course) and a logo that includes an A-10, the same kind of plane Ken flew in combat. Very clever. Ken's a commercial pilot now and has a thoughtful platform. You can read it at http://www.mccauleyforhouse.com/.

I'm not sure who will get my vote on the Dem gubernatorial slate. Pete Gosar and Leslie Peterson are the only serious candidates. Before these two candidates pushed the filing deadline to the last minute, there was nobody to vote for. Some Dems were thinking about registering as repubs and voting for anyone but Micheli, whose only idea is gutting state gubment and keeping the federal gubmint off of our backs. Interesting to note that Micheli collected all kinds of subsidies from the Agriculture Department which happens to be a branch of the dang federal gubmint. Mead did too. But I can forgive Mead, since he's more of a moderate and seems to be one of the few Repubs in the Gov race who takes time out from chewing on the feds. I've been astonished at how much time Colin Simpson spends bashing gubment and gubmint. He's not as moderate as a I first expected.

Most WyoDems are voting for Dems, as it should be. I could vote for Mead. But won't.

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Ken McCauley said...


it was great to see you and Chris yesterday, even though it was a brief stay. Sorry I was making the mad dash to get the signs out before it got to dark -- didn't finish until 10PM.

You are right about the primary creeping up on us. Just 2 weeks away. I was out again this evening talking with neighbors.

I enjoy the front porch, or yard, or garage talks much more than the setting out yard signs. So let's be sure to get together to discuss more issues soon.