Thursday, July 29, 2010

On stage in Casper on Aug. 9

ARTCORE announces its MUSIC & POETRY Series: Betsy Bower ("Lycra, Music, Yoga") and Michael Shay (writer and yours truly) on Monday, Aug. 9, 7:30 p.m., at the Downtown Grill & Venue, Casper,.

In Betsy’s own words: “My father owns a welding shop where I grew up playing with fire and tools twice my size. Though I never wanted to grow up, I live in a 24-year-old body playing as if I have faery wings stretching out behind me. I build my own toys out of the resources around me. In high school, I studied abroad for one year as a Rotary exchange student in Japan. Breathing, eating, and socializing in another culture cured me of believing that there is only one way to live. Traveling became another passion for me and since I have met, it seems like, countless amazing philosophers, circus freaks, artists, dancers, musicians, transcendentalists, teachers, and muses. I generally move every few months, and I dream of living on the road in an art/music studio on wheels. I enjoy watching Casper blossom. Every time I return from somewhere the culture has grown.”

Michael Shay’s fiction and essays have been published in Northern Lights, High Plains Literary Review, Colorado Review, Owen Wister Review, Visions, Relief Journal, High Plains Register, and In Short, a Norton anthology of brief creative nonfiction. His book of short fiction, The Weight of a Body, was published by Denver’s Ghost Road Press in March 2006. Michael was co-editor of the Wyoming Center for the Book’s 2003 anthology, Deep West: A Literary Tour of Wyoming. Michael blogs about writing and politics and Wyoming on his hummingbirdminds blog. He is the individual artists’ program specialist for the Wyoming Arts Council in Cheyenne.



mpage225 said...


very nice. Will the Cheney's be in the audience?


Michael Shay said...

Dick Cheney is one of my biggest fans. But my schtick is too much for his ailing heart. Lynne may be there though. I can only hope.