Sunday, June 20, 2010

Love & hate along the Pridefest parade route

At Denver Pridefest Parade with Chris, Annie and Brandon. Biggest surprise is large number of churches in parade. No surprise to see protester with misspelled sign.

Never been to Pridefest before. Might not have gone to this one if it wasn't time for a Father's Day excursion (a family tradition) and Annie's gay friend who had been in Cheyenne too long and had never seen a "Pride" parade.

I was impressed. Biggest parade I'd ever seen. Young woman standing next to me said that it was one of the biggest outside of San Francisco. Not sure about that. But it lasted about two hours. The Denver Post said that some 100,000 people saw the parade. Dang, and it didn't even have any marching bands. Music was provided mainly by sound systems on the floats. Club music, mostly, and some hip hop.

Annie and Brandon disappeared, as teens do, and Chris and I fell in at the end of the parade and walked down to the Denver Civic Center.

We passed a van that was all about God hating gays. My favorite sign read "Diversity is Perversity."

That's what it's all about, isn't it? O.K. to hate gays because they are different from you and me in this too-diverse society? O.K. to pass anti-immigration laws to keep the "Others" away from us.

"Diversity is Perversity."

Tea Partiers and born-again zealots should wear that on signs around their necks. Then we can see them coming.

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