Sunday, May 02, 2010

Wake up and smell the horses

I spent part of Sunday morning reading info posted on the Wyoming Food Freedom site. That included a detailed reading of draft legislation in the works for the 2011 Legislature.

I also read the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle editorial blasting an idea by Rep. Sue Wallis, one of the WFF co-founders, to establish a horse processing facility in Cheyenne that would include a slaughterhouse.

The editorial writers was incenses that visitors to Cheyenne driving along the newly reconstructed Lincolnway would see stock pens filled with horses, some of them destined for cans of Purina Dog Chow.

Shocking to think that visitors to Cheyenne Frontier Days wouldn't like the sights and sounds and smells of horses. As they drive up Lincolnway, they'll hear the boom of six guns from Old West re-enactors and the strains of honky tonk piano coming from the Historic Atlas Theatre. Choo-choo horns will be wailing in the railyards.

"Look at all the pretty horses," says Sis, visiting from Ohio with Mom and Dad and Junior.

Welcome to the Old/New/Old West.

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