Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rep. Cynthia Lummis: Let's prioritize!

Received a nice note from Wyoming Rep. Cynthia Lummis:

Dear Friend:

I would like to hear your ideas and concerns for America’s future.I believe that by recommitting ourselves to government of the people - federal policy driven by every day Americans and not by Washington, D.C. insiders – to protect our liberty, revitalize our economy and restore our economic and personal freedom is the best policy. Please share your ideas and concerns so that I may better represent you in Congress. I hope to enlist thousands of Wyomingites' common sense ideas into my work in Congress.

Please forward this email to your friends and family, as we need to involve as many Wyomingites as possible.

Sincerely, Congressman Cynthia Lummis

This is what I think Congress should prioritize

Please rate the following issues you think Congress needs to address on a scale of 1-6, 1 being most important.
Taxes (estate tax, flat tax, fair tax, VAT, capital gains tax etc…)
Cut Federal Spending/Balance the Budget
Border Security
Debt (Medicare and Social Security Reform)
Health Care Reform

All these links lead to Rep. Lummis's web site. You can prioritize these pre-selected issues and send comments to her on ways to "take America back."

"Take America back" is code for "don't you just hate it that the Democrats kicked our butts in 2008?" Also: "Let's get that black guy out of the White House."

You gotta know how to translate Wingnutese.

Let's see if we can translate Lummis's six items:

What's she really means is "Unemployment sits at about 10 percent. Blame Obama. We Republicans were in charge for the previous eight years and we had nothing to do with it."

Translation: "Taxes are for chumps. The only time I want to hear the word tax is in tax cut."

Cut Federal Spending/Balance the Budget
Translation: "Cut all federal gubment spending except defense. Anybody that wants to cut defense spending hates the troops."

Border Security
Translation: "Arizona! Arizona! Arizona!"

Debt (Medicare and Social Security Reform)
Translation: "We hate gubment. We hate debt. We hate taxes. We hate entitlements. Don't touch our Social Security and Medicare."

Health Care Reform
Translation: "Don't let federal bureaucrats come between me and my doctor. Instead, let insurance companies come between me and my doctor."

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bigfrank said...

Taxes are for chumps. Should be a tax elimination. Why should the government buy junk and have them throw away our money.

Jobs are being screwed over by all. Republicans started it and Obama is making it worse.
Cut the budget. Come on that is all you got? Troops? Why not that budget by 3/4 and then drop all the chump crap that the government spends on also. Obama has doubled down Bush's budget and made Bush really look like a fiscal conservative and that is a joke.
Border security. Have you read the bill? Or just taking the talking points of your side and then when they are asked if they read the bill they "Uh no I just heard about it"?
Debt-See europe lately? A nice cosy little left leaning spend money like mad and keep printing anything you need full of entitlements. And ya get rid of social security and medicare. The government stole those blind and now we the tax payer are holding the poop again and told to fix it.
Health Care Reform? Such a great bill they had to pay off to get votes and drop this country into even more debt.

So let me get this, it is ok if your "party" spends money prints money of no backing, raises the budget to levels that can't be supported. Gives the middle finger to the voters who for some reason believed him when he said "Change" was coming. Now they see this idiot throwing money around like a goof ball and the goner before him and want to stop them and are now are wackos? But it is ok if the democrats do it just not anyone else?