Thursday, April 29, 2010

Matt Mead: UW should "filter" speakers

The Casper Star-Tribune interviewed three of the four announced Republican candidates for governor on Judge Downes' decision to let Bill Ayers speak on the UW campus. The fourth was quoted from a speech during a First Amendment panel discussion at UW.

Here are some excerpts:

The University of Wyoming should put some kind of "filter" in place to determine who can speak on campus, Matt Mead, Republican gubernatorial candidate and former U.S. attorney for Wyoming, said at a First Amendment panel discussion at the College of Law on Wednesday.

Ron Micheli: "The freedom of speech is one of the most important liberties of a free society. The Constitution protects the rights of individuals to say what they believe. Bill Ayers has that right, along with everyone else. My objection has always been that Mr. Ayers had been invited to speak by the University of Wyoming giving him legitimacy that the people of Wyoming do not wish to bestow. If Mr. Ayers is allowed to speak on the campus of UW, then it is only fair to demand that he and the individuals who invited him pay for 100 percent of the costs of the visit out of their own pockets. If we tax payers must suffer Bill Ayers at UW, fine, but we should not be expected to pay for it as well."

Rita Meyer: "I have been asked what I would do as governor in this situation. I believe that it is not the governor's role to say who should or should not speak at the University of Wyoming. The governor should not reach into that level of activity in the university. The governor's role is appointing the Board of Trustees who hire the president and provide broad oversight for the fiduciary management, academic policies, and general welfare of the students of the university. Clearly some at the university lost situational awareness by inviting Mr. Ayers to speak in the first place. Uninviting him has opened Pandora's box of raising freedom of speech issues in a university environment and given this man a bigger soapbox to shout from."

Colin Simpson: "I think the university did the right thing, and I wish that other types of issues like this would receive the same type of expedient hearing and ruling."

I would love to read quotes on this issue from Democratic Party Gubernatorial candidates.

But there ain't none. No candidates and no quotes.


bigfrank said...

Mead is a hack along with Meyer. Micheli is a bit better but Simpson is the winner so far in the Gov race. (Did you happen to see Gov Daves response?)
Reason why there are no dems is because of your party destroying its chances. Dems are done at all levels and now we get all the crap the dems passed at all levels and the republicans get to put their crap twist on it all to make it that much worse.
What is so bad about asking government on both sides to stop spending money we dont have? Stop taking away freedoms we were given by our founders?
History if this nation is being white washed by both sides because they are starting to fear the nation again. They lie about why the civil war was fought they dont teach the foundation of the founding fathers and what they stood for because they know that it would be the end of their gravy train.
When a the clown running this country says there is a point where you have too much money and then he pockets 5 mill shows how big if a hypocrite these clowns are and that they want to steal from the worker.
But it is all for the party right? Not the country.

Anonymous said...

We'll have to see what Democratic Rex Wilde has to say...thanks for putting these up. I did notice in my web-browsing the other day Mead had a different statement than the one the Trib printed...why they didn't include the quote not too sure. You can find it here: