Monday, March 29, 2010

Special anti-"Obamacare" legislative session just a nasty rumor

Phil Noble over at Cowboy State Free Press writes today that the state legislature probably won't call for a special session.

It was news to me that a special session was being considered. I didn't realize that there was an emergency to be addressed. Did the lege miscalculate the revenue stream? Is the Yellowstone volcano gonna blow? Did a pack of terrorist wolves attempt to bomb a gun show?

It was to do with health care. Wyomingites don't want to damn socialist healthcare. Not thre socialist healthcare legislation promoted by Oabama. They're O.K,. with Medicaid and Medicare and gubment-funded care provided by V.A. Hospitals.

A special session would attempt to blunt "Obamacare."

Phil Noble's story:

A Wyoming state senator wondered on his Facebook page over last weekend whether leaders of the legislature were openly discussing the possibility of a special session of the legislature.

Other legislators say there has been some talk about a special session to pass the healthcare freedom bill and to force Gov. Dave Freudenthal and his Attorney General to join the lawsuit to repeal healthcare.

Asked whether the talk of a special session was serious, Senate Majority Leader Jim Anderson said; “Things could change rapidly I suppose but at this stage I think it is mostly discussion. I think there is a lot of comparing of notes in an attempt to determine just where we are at this point and what the actual efects are likely to be.”
He said serious discussion “will begin when there are more actual facts and solid figures about the real and predictable outcomes of Obamacare. At the present people are talking among themselves to better determime what the appropriate response should be. In time things should become more objective in nature. Much is yet to be determined collectively.”

Wyoming Senate President John Hines says the Attorney General works for the Governor, and “we can’t tell him to do anything.”

As to a special session, Hines says “a special session must have a definite plan and goal and be pretty certain of success before a special session is called for. We are not at that position at this time so I am not supporting a special session.”

Freudenthal said last week the state would not join the lawsuit brought against the federal government by 14 other states “at this time.” He said Wyoming could enjoy the benefits of any outcome of the lawsuit without spending money bringing the lawsuit.

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bigfrank said...

What is your party and side going to do when the other side has power. It is going to happen aways does and will because 76% of the people dont want this crap. What is the other side going to do when the Republicans get in power and then make something like this that is forcing the american people to comply? You lose your footing to stand on to protest because your side has done something that forces the american people to bow down and accept the yoke of the federal government. That isnt the american way.