Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Laramie County Democrats gather in Cheyenne March 20

Linda Stowers, chair of the Laramie County Democrats, sends this:

The Laramie County Democrats' Convention will be held on Saturday, March 20. Registration is from 9-10 a.m. at the UW Residency Auditorium (behind the clinic at 720 E 17th) in Cheyenne. You can see the platform at the website,
www.laramiecountydemocrats.org along with the amendment form. The LarCoDems are going green this convention so it will not be mass-producing the platform. Laramie County is slotted for 54 delegates to the state convention.

Laramie County has 54 delegates eligible for the State Convention in Casper May 14-15. At the state convention, we will also be developing a state platform. Even though this is not a presidential preference year, it is still important for us to develop a strong party heading into the 2010 election year. All of the state's elected offices will be up for election this year and the state convention will be a forum to meet and hear from our Democratic candidates.


Anonymous said...

Platform should include Democrats need plurality in the US House and Senate. Oops, you already have it and can't get anything done....

Michael Shay said...

Let's talk on Monday AFTER the health care reform vote.