Sunday, March 21, 2010

GOP leaders never met a war or tax cut for the rich that they didn't like

Had to share this editorial comic on the day that Congressional Democrats pass the historic yet imperfect health care reform bill. Thanks to JC at 4&20 blackbirds up in Big Sky Country.


bigfrank said...

I don’t see the dems doing anything to get us out of the wars. In fact I see Obama doing the same exact things as Bush did with the wars. So we could say that on the GOP but the dems we could say they didn’t see a war they didn’t like (just say in cheap words you don’t like) and a tax raise they didn’t like.

Michael Shay said...

Most Dems voted for the War in Iraq, although you could say it was under false pretenses -- and a truckload of falsehoods conjured up by Bush and Cheney and Colin Powell. We should never have gone into Iraq and we should have been out the day after Obama took office.

bigfrank said...

Seems to be a lot of parties are giving out false pretenses.
I was in Saudi during Clinton's reign. War was on the wall then it was going to happen. Just needed to get the right clown in there to cook the books to make it. And the green lined the pockets of both parties again.