Sunday, February 07, 2010

Keep gubment out of our health care decisions!

Wonder if this has anything to do with the Democrats' health care reform efforts:

S.J. 0001 to be considered when the Wyoming Legislature convenes tomorrow:

Sponsored By: Representative(s) Hallinan and Lubnau and Senator(s) Anderson, J. and Bebout and Case and Hines

A JOINT RESOLUTION proposing to amend the Wyoming Constitution by creating a new section specifying that the federal government shall not interfere with an individual's health care decisions and prohibiting any penalty, fine or tax imposed because of a decision to participate in or decline health insurance, or to pay directly or receive payment directly for health care services.

Yes, we only want health insurance conglomerates to interfere in our health care decisions.

Go to for full text of bill.


Wheaterville said...

Yes, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Wyoming's pretty much ONLI-EST insurance choice has MY best interests at heart...and also happens to have been Enzi's largest contributor. And Barasso said on Ed Schultz the other day that them's that gots pre-existing conditions oughta dip into that "high risk insurance pool" we offer in Wyoming. First of all, not a guarantee, second of all, completely unaffordable.

Michael Shay said...

Call me naive, but I think that a physician such as Dr. Barrasso would actually know more about the health insurance problems faced by average Wyomingites. Something terrible happened to Barrasso's doctor brain when he went to Congress.

Wheaterville -- please keep on afflicting the wingnuts in Platte County! I see that they are now accusing you of abridging their free speech. Tell 'em to get their own darn glorified blogs.