Thursday, February 04, 2010

Iraq vet from Pine Bluffs appears in VoteVets ad blasting Sen. Barrasso

Benjamin Cossel from Pine Bluffs served in the U.S. Army in Iraq in 2004-2005. Now he's in a VoteVets ad blasting the short-sighted policies of Wyo. Sen. John Barrasso, global warming naysayer and friend of multinational corporations who do business with Middle East shiekdoms.

Barrasso's spokeswoman said this about the ads in a story by Bill McCarthy on

"The liberal, out-of-state special interest group paying for this ad does not represent Wyoming," Barrasso said Wednesday through his spokeswoman.

Dagnabit. Not those outside agitators again. There are some outsiders Wyomingites like -- oil and gas and coal companies, for instance, and the Republican National Committee. And some they don't like -- the Anti-Defamation League and the Gay and Lesbian Fund of Colorado (see previous posts on the Wheatland controversy) and MoveOn and VoteVets, to name a few.

But Jon Stoltz, co-founder and chairman of, responded this way to Barrasso:

"That's just childish."

Stoltz said the issue is whether the U.S. should continue sacrificing lives of the military and spending a fortune to maintain an unsustainable dependence on foreign oil that causes climate change.Liberal and conservative labels are irrelevant, Stoltz said.

Climate change hampers agricultural production and diminishes water supplies, and that can lead to unstable governments and the dislocation of large populations, according to organizations such as Secure American Future.

Stoltz said that is a national security issue.

Watch the ad. And spread the word.


Mr. B. said...

Nice to have at least a few friends in this state -- Benjamin

Michael Shay said...

Thanks for your service. Now and before. Especially now. Do you have a blog?

Michael Shay said...

My wife is a fan of yours. You have more friends than you know.