Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"Health Freedom of Choice" resolution voted down on first reading in Wyoming Senate

Don't you just the love the names that Repubs give to legislation that announce the exact opposite of what they really mean.

From Cowboy State Free Press:

The Wyoming Senate today voted down on its first reading a bill that would have “sent a message to Washington,” according to it’s sponsors, to not impose it’s health care changes on the state.

Senate President John Hines, R-Campbell County, proposed the “Health freedom of choice,” as a resolution, which stated, “the federal government shall not interfere with an individual’s health care decisions.” The bill also called for “prohibiting any penalty, fine or tax imposed because of a decision to participate in or decline health insurance, or to pay directly or receive payment directly for health care services.”

The bill failed its introductory reading by just three votes.

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Awesome. Just awesome.