Friday, February 26, 2010

HCR Summit clip: "Would your healthcare platform be the same if you made $40K?"

Video clip of the day from Health Care Reform Summit (via a TPM post): POTUS vs. The Colossus of Casper. No contest!


bigfrank said...

Why do you cover this dog and pony show? This is all it is. Government can’t handle health care and the democrats won’t admit it (See social security, Medicare, No Child Left Behind, War on Drugs welfare, should I go on?) and the republicans don’t want change what we have now for their pockets are getting lined with green. Or should I say gold being the government is printing so much green now that it isn’t worth the paper it is printed on?
Only change will be to throw all of these clowns out of their clown house and put in people that care about the people that put them in.

Gary W. Vollan said...

American Dental Association’s Greed Creates Need for Borrowed Dentures

The fact that it is a denture doesn’t lessen the severity of being without a functional prosthesis. The idea that a woman had to wear her “dead sister’s teeth”, was the story told by New York Rep. Louise Slaughter at President Obama’s health care summit (please see following youtube link) and is just one story of many that involves the critical state of our health and dental care system in our nation. People shouldn’t have to do without a functional prosthesis, whether it being an arm, leg, or denture.

We've been dealing with healthcare being controlled by the American Medical Association, American Dental Association, Big Pharma Corporations and the Insurance companies leaving us with little or no money to meet our day to day expenses. I know lots of people that went to their grave sick and broke, paying for healthcare expenses. Just visit one of your neighborhood convalescent centers and take a look at our people and where our current healthcare system is getting us. Look at the healthcare, dental care and financial situation that the residents and their families are in. Some don’t have dentures or a sister to borrow from. It’s no joke and a serious situation. Health and dental care is unaffordable for most American families leaving people with no choice but to do without.

If corporate ADA would quit squeezing out competition it would free up more chairtime for children, restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dental procedures but instead, corporate ADA’s self-serving political agenda is hurting consumers by suppressing qualified competitors that provide oral health care services, especially those with disparities. The American Dental Association works against its own vision and mission statement by suppressing competition that has been trained and educated in providing oral health care services to those that are unable to pay the high prices charged by dentist leaving Americans without needed dental care. Midlevel oral healthcare providers include denturists, dental health aide therapists, and independent practice for dental hygienists.

The American Dental Association uses money to fight Dental Hygienists from having independent practices, the ADA fights and prevents Denturists from having independent practices and funnels money to state dental associations to prosecute Denturists so they can’t provide affordable denture care to people. The ADA, waste money fighting Alaska, to prevent Dental Health Aide Therapists from providing dental services to Natives of Alaska living in remote areas.

Healthcare reform can not be about greed. A good number of Americans can’t afford to pay for dental work. Most aren’t on Medicaid and they have no dental insurance. The American Dental Association needs to reduce your prices, guarantee your work, and be more competitive.

Gary W. Vollan L.D.
State Coordinator, Wyoming State Denturist Association

Denturists: Alternative healthcare providers for oral health screenings and referrals embedded#

Michael Shay said...

Bigfrank and Gary saying basically the same thing, that big trade orgs (political parties, ADA, etc.) stifle competition and the many good ideas emerging from the grassroots. I am torn between loyalty to the Dems and belief in entrepreneurship. We definitely need other options...

bigfrank said...

Screw the party!!! What have they done for you? The parties are making the people fight everyday and while they giggle at us while drinking a beer and putting the green in their pocket. Has your party given you a dime? All they want is to tax it all out of you (BOTH PARTIES). Ideas and fixing this country are going to come with people like you say screw this party I got ideas that are going to work that this party doesn’t want to hear. We have to unite just like the founders wanted us to do. When we do that it will scare the piss out of Washington so much that things will change.
Instead of now we have going to get a bad health care bill shoved on us that we have NO money for. How are they going to pay for this? Print more money and who is going to suffer for this? It isn’t going to be them. You are telling me it is fair to support a party that will destroy health care for ALL to make it fair for everyone. I dare anyone to look me in the face and tell me that some drug scum repeat criminal has the same right to health care as my two year old boy who is happy to say hi to anyone he meets. They will be picking their teeth up. We as Americans deserve the right to be free of the yoke of the government. Both parties are in this together. Lock step and then point the finger at the other guy saying it is his fault and then that guy points at some other person to keep it going and you are chasing your tail. As soon as we as one voice say screw you this is it then we will take back this country. Just like Harry Truman had on his desk “The Buck Stops Here” we need to make that buck stop at all of the clowns that are running this country in their little clown house.