Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big Al Simpson appointed to deficit commission by Pres. Obama

Alan "Big Al" Simpson, a senator from Wyoming back in the day when GOPers and Dems would sometimes lie down together, lion-and-lamb-like, has been named by Pres. Obama as co-chair of a commission on reducing the federal deficit. His Dem co-chair is former Clintonian Erskine Bowles.

I sighted Sen. Simpson Friday evening at the annual Governor's Arts Awards in Cheyenne. Big Al is a big arts supporter, sitting on the board of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody. His wife Ann has been such a solid arts supporter statewide that the University of Wyoming Art Museum named its roving Artmobile program after her. Big Al was at the annual arts awards event because one of his fellow board members, Naoma Tate, was being honored. Half of Cody was at the event, it seemed.

Progressives don't seem to know if this commission is the real thing or just one of those "inside the Beltway" exercises. But it is good to see Sen. Simpson back in the saddle in D.C.

Bloomberg had more info (via Cowboy State Free Press):

“Erskine and I have a philosophy that’s very simple: We’re going to move this issue forward,” Simpson said in a telephone interview from Wyoming. “We’re going to say, you’re entitled to all of your emotion and guilt and fear and whatever you want to throw in to the game, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.”

Meanwhile, emotion- and guilt- and fear-mongers Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio "declined today to say whether the party would participate."

“Blue-ribbon commissions are fine and dandy, but we’re still waiting for a response from the president on our proposal to start cutting spending right now,” Boehner’s spokesman, Michael Steel, said.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Maryland Democrat, said earlier this month Obama would name other Republicans, “perhaps former members” of Congress, if they chose not to participate.

Obama may call. But it will be interesting to see if any Repubs (other than Sen. Simpson) answer. As you know, the present-day GOP is The Party of N-O Spells No.


Anonymous said...

Just which is the Party of NO - in the House Pelosi has a 50 vote margin and in the Senate there is a 9 vote (was 10 before Scott Brown)margin for the "progressive" agenda - yet they can't pass healthcare, cap and trade etc. But they can come together to blame the Republicans! Tell me that is not spin....

Michael Shay said...

I stick with my description. The Party of NO is out to derail Obama's agenda, no matter the cost to the nation. And Pelosi and Reid need to start acting and quit dithering.

bigfrank said...

Again we cant blame the dems we cant blame the repubs. It is BOTH THEIR FAULT! For the past 100 years both parties have been out of control with their spending. Both parties want to one up the other party on how much it can spend. Then when one party is spending more than it should the other party points the finger and says see look it is their fault.
When is everyone going to wake up and see that they are just pitting us against each other while both parties do what they want.
Dems screamed and cried about the Patriot act. Now they have the power to get rid of it. Where does that stand?
Same for the other side. They scream and yell about what the Dems did but when it comes time vote it out nothing.
People the parties dont care about you. They care about them while they reach around and steal our money.