Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wheatland students react to school board's decision to remove "No Place for Hate" banners

Wheaterville doing a great job as center of activity for the "Don't Ban the Banner" campaign.

As faithful readers may recall, the Platte County School Board in Wheatland voted 4-3 to take down the "No Place for Hate" banners at Wheatland H.S. and West Elementary. The banner campaign is sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. That wasn't the problem. A few town busybodies noticed that a co-sponsor of the banners is the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Colorado. They complained to the school board and the board voted to take those banners down.

Some former students wrote this:

LETTER TO Superintendent Nelson and Board of Trustees
Melody Wilhelm Brooks (class of 1986)

Dear Superintendent Nelson and Board of Trustees:

We were shocked and dismayed to read about the school board’s decision against the “No Place for Hate” banners. As graduates of Wheatland High School, we have always been proud of the excellent education we received. However, after this short-sighted decision by the school board, we have serious doubts about the elected leadership of PCSD #1.

Let us say that Wheatland is full of decent, fair-minded people. They need to stand up to intolerance, because nothing positive will come about until they do. This is not about liberal vs. conservative or Republican vs. Democrat. This is a fair vs. unfair and right vs. wrong issue.

The four members of the school board who voted against the banners are not promoting the district’s vision of “Empowerment through learning so students can be successful now and in the future.” Nor are they “Preparing children for the 21st Century”, as noted on the district’s website. In fact, they are actively working against and discouraging both.

The letter is signed by 50 former WHS students.

Read the entire letter (and many comments, most supportive) at Wheaterville.

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