Sunday, November 22, 2009

Progressives bring opposing P.O.V. to Casper teabagger rally

Casper progessives joined with a contingent from Laramie to present an opposing point of view at a teabagger rally Saturday across the street from Wyoming Medical Center. According to Laramie's Meg Lanker, the Casper tea party rally was co-sponsored by the Wyoming 9/12 Project, Wyoming Watchdogs and Wyoming Patriot Alliance worked with Docs 4 Patient Care. The rally was held Saturday just before the U.S. Senate held an historic vote to debate the health care reform bill. That debate will start after Thanksgiving. But we can give thanks now that the bill won't be stopped by a Repub filibuster. By the way, Wyoming's two senators voted with fellow Repubs to try to thwart health care reform for America. One of those senators is a physician, or so he says. Thanks to Meg Lanker for the photo

11/23 UPDATE: Read the Casper Star-Trib's account of the event at


bigfrank said...

Teabagger? I can’t believe there are people that WANT government responsibility. My only question is where were these people 12 years ago up to now?
Lets never mind that government run health care for everyone might cover everyone but now people won’t be able to see a doctor. 20% is what is being reported of the amount of doctors that will just up and quit! Add that in to how many won’t even become doctors. To add government in turn is the doctor saying what can and cant be treated.
How many millions of dollars is going to buy off votes for senators? How can that be right? How can a country that has no money spend money that it doesn’t have? When can I be bankrupt and think if I just borrow and spend one million dollars I don’t have and I will be ok then? So I can’t believe these "teabaggers" would want some government responsibility in spending. Seems there hasn’t been in the past 100 years.
This isn’t black and white as liberals and republicans want to make it. This is common sense and people that toe the party line seem to lose that. Government in the past 8 years as made the biggest move to fascism than all the rest of the years of the USA combined. Spending money we don’t have is going to cause the whole rotten structure to fall. One democrats and republicans made together and only the American people can pull out together, united as one getting outside the “party lines”.

Michael Shay said...

You're right about the need to pull together on these big issues. Republicans make this impossible with a constant chorus of No-No-No.