Friday, November 20, 2009

CIGNA -- can you hear me now?

This comes from Badtux the Snarky Penguin (via Skippy the Bush Kangaroo), a blog that's new to me. Then again, lots of things are new to me. Oh brave new world that has such blogs in't! And I'm always partial to prog-blogs with animal names.

CIGNA denies hearing implant to child who will never be able to hear if she doesn't get it within the next few months [link to think progress].

Isn’t it wonderful that in the right wing's wonderful free market world this child doesn’t have to worry about the evil government getting between her doctors and her health care? And the magical Free Market Fairy smiles because that's $20,000 higher bonus that CIGNA's CEO can get next year. Why do you want to make the Free Market Fairy frown by, well, saying that this girl should be receiving the health care that her parents paid insurance money for? Heresy!

So why are we bothering with protecting these bastards, again?

Good question, Badtux. Cigna is my health insurer, mysteriously taking over from Great West Life about a year ago. The State of Wyoming pays the majority -- but not all -- of my health insurance premium which goes to a company that denies health coverage to six-year-olds whose families pay health insurance premiums. All those premiums get bundled together to pay a bonus to the CIGNA CEO who gets rich denying health care to little girls.

It's again time to share the new CIGNA logo

New revised logo by Ryan O'Connell and featured on Sick for Profit.

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