Friday, October 16, 2009

Wyoming MoveOn supporter to Sen. Hatch: I dare you to kick my teeth in

Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah is going to kick in the teeth. MoveOn members picketed his D.C. office to protest the fact that he has sold his everlasting soul to the health insurance industry.

Sen. Hatch must be mature enough to know that he's too old to kick anyone in the teeth, let alone a bunch of organic-food-eating, latte-swilling, mountain-biking activists from Blue States. Blue Staters are in much better shape than Red Staters, younger too, and a lot better educated. They may not be as mean as the Repubs, but they are wiry and crafty. They float like butterflies, sting like bees.

This comes from Crooks & Liars:

Seems Orrin Hatch is not taking to kindly to having his office protested by for being in the pocket of the health care industry. I've got to wonder, how would the Republicans react if a Democratic member of the Senate went on television and said they'd like to kick those Tea Bag protesters in the teeth?

Hatch: Now by the way is a scurrilous organization. It's funded by George Soros. He's about as left wing as you can find in this country. And they're up to just one thing, and that is to smear good people. And frankly, they're not gonna smear me without getting kicked in the teeth by me.

Stay classy there Hatch. While MoveOn has received $1.46 million from George Soros as Wikipedia notes:

MoveOn's primary source of funding is its members. raised nearly 60 million dollars in 2004 from its members alone, with an average donation of $50.

Yes, I live in a Red State but have contributed my share to MoveOn -- probably right around $50. Now that I've made that public, I suppose that Sen. Hatch will drive his Ford Expedition down I-80 from Provo to Cheyenne and kick my teeth in. Yeah, him and what army?

Remember Sen. Hatch's inspiring words at Sen. Ted Kennedy's funeral? They were long-time BFFs, at least that's the way it sounded. He was honoring Kennedy's legacy then and now seems to have forgotten it.

Your BFF from those good ol' days in the U.S. Senate would be ashamed of you now.

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