Sunday, October 25, 2009

Write your op-eds and take your lumps

It's usually equal parts enlightening and depressing to see the comments for an opinion column in the Casper Star-Tribune. That is the case in the comments following Kim Floyd's 10/21 op-ed piece promoting the public option in health care reform legislation. Kim is the executive secretary of the Wyoming AFL-CIO. Kim lives in Cheyenne, dresses western as a matter of course, is a union member and supports access to firearms as staunchly as he supports access to health care. He's representative of a lot of Wyoming Democrats.

That's why it's so educational to see these kind of comments following his very thoughtful op-ed piece. You can read the entire thing at

Allen makes this comment:

Kim typical union dogma. The unions figure that gov't dr's will join the union. that will make the unions rich. Then since there will be gov't health care, the unions will dump their plans and pocket all of that money. Now we know why the unions support this massive Ponzi scheme. I bet they even are helping to write the health care bill.

Here's one from Carlito

stinky, motomouth and independent aka libral,there or no polititians on a single payor system unless they pay it themselves. All the perks an luxurys are stolen from 300+ million payors in this country.

Motomouth? Wasn't that the name of a rock group?

To be fair, there are thoughtful critics of Kim's opinions. This was posted by Guardian Angel:

Since yesterday, I thought I'd take the time to see where the true poll readings are to further enlighten yourself and others as to how the public feels as of yesterday the 22nd. Remember how the liberal democrats became somewhat "rabid" of the Bush Administrations' failure to reach across party lines - and rightly so? How quickly the liberal democrats forget (or conveniently forget) now that the House, Senate and White House belongs under their party's direction. President Obama, then candidate Obama promised to work together in a bipartisan manner. Obama, himself was quoted saying (and I quote him) "Both Parties have good ideas and we must work together..." (end quote) when presenting legislation for the American people. He went on to say that he is a "uniter and not a divider" --- what happened yesterday was bizarre when the democrats shut out the Republicans in the draft legislation session of this health care reform issue. Whether "Republican or Democrat"? This is not good at all in the area of serving the american people.

I haven't changed any spelling or punctuation. And nobody seems to want to capitalize these days anyway. But this person's comments have merit. He also goes on to quote from the polls that best represent his P.O.V.

Most important thing about all this? Write your opinions and take your lumps.

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