Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Fox News zombies spotted in halls of local high school

Letter to the editor printed in today's Wyoming Tribune-Eagle under the headline "No brainwashed kids seen in hallways of Central High:"

Dear Editor:

Thanks for the thoughtful "From the Editor's Desk" editorial in the 9/12 WTE about the local reaction to the speech to students from Pres. Barack Obama.

I attended an open house at Central High School on the evening after Pres. Obama's "controversial" speech. At the open house, I expected to see phalanxes of bug-eyed students wandering the halls chanting: "Repeat after me -- I'm a socialist community organizer who wants to kill Grandma."

But I only saw a few, those whose minds have already melted down from watching too many hours of Fox News.

My daughter said she didn't have a chance to see the speech because her algebra classroom doesn't have a TV.

I can understand why. Leninist/Maoist/Hitlerist Obama messages might leak out of the tube and creep into the minds of the students who should be concentrating on equations.

She said that a couple of the kids had made snide remarks about Obama but there didn't seem to be any major protest or massive walkout or let's-all-yell-at-the-TV-screen event.

The school district had made viewing voluntary, saying that teachers could show it during class time, show it later or not show it at all. Students could opt out, spending their time in some worthwhile pursuit, such as sneaking a smoke out in the parking lot.

I did notice that two of the eight teachers I visited had inspirational quotes from Pres. Obama written on their white boards. That's something, I guess, although probably enough to get some Glenn-Beck-watching local parents wildly indignant. But they get wildly indignant about every little thing.

Too bad they didn't pay attention in civics class back in the day.

Sincerely, Michael Shay

This appeared in a slightly different form as part of an earlier hummingbirdminds post.

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