Monday, September 14, 2009

In Boise but not in Cheyenne: first-hand reports of 9/12 teabaggery

Nathaniel Hoffman waded into a horde of 9/12 teabaggers in a Boise park and found that "Tea Party inspired by racial fears." Read his Boise Weekly story (and see more photos) at

Also, read untamedshrew's 9/12 blog about the Boise rally on 43rd state blues. Here's an excerpt:

I saw three different men armed with pistols. I wanted to get a photo to post here, but I only had my phone camera and didn’t feel comfortable getting close to these dangerous morons. One reportedly threatened another of my fellow demonstrators, telling her, “Just give me a reason.” Scary. SCARY. What on earth were those legislators who voted for the open carry law thinking? Allowing hostile people to carry pistols into a heated situation like that? It boggles my mind.

Boise is no better or worse than any Wyoming city -- just bigger. I went looking for the "9/12 Project Rally" in Cheyenne on Saturday but couldn't find it. I had seen a blurb in the Casper Star-Trib about the Casper rally no naturally assumed there would be one in the Capital City. I left the Fox News coverage of the D.C. rally and went downtown -- but no rally. I explored the Ribfest and Farmer's Market at Depot Square Plaza. Over at the corn truck, one big guy looked askance at my "SEIU for Obama" T-shirt -- but no gun threats. I was disappointed because local teabaggers had staged protests on April 15 with scads of cool signs. They held another patritoic rally on July 4. There was another recent one which I documented on my blog.

But none on 9/12. Perhaps the Cheyenne teabaggers traveled to Boise? Please tell them to come home. We miss them.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen many black Tea-baggers, I wonder why. Could it be the racist implications in all the Obama hate groups?

nancy S.