Thursday, September 03, 2009

How Wyoming progressives can take action on health care reform

Brianna Jones, the excellent communications director of the Wyoming Democratic Party, sends this list health care reform action items:

Taking Action for Health Insurance Reform

Be informed -- Know what is happening locally, state-wide, and nationally by glancing at the paper to see what elected officials, media, and activists are saying. Get the facts straight so you have the most up-to-date information. Along with your local media, some great sources are:
Wyoming Public Radio
Casper Star Tribune
WyoFile News Reader

Spread the word -- This may seem like a very small thing, but speaking to your neighbors, chatting in the local coffee shop, and generally voicing your opinion can be extremely powerful. Keep in mind that you must have your facts straight and keep your cool. This isn't about confrontation, it is about moving forward for positive change.

Connect Online -- It is fast and simple to update people through a number of online tools. Post a note on facebook, write a tweet on twitter, or tell your thoughts in a blog. It is simple to get an account with any of these websites and to bring more attention to the issues you find important. This is also a great way of letting people know about events in their area. You can find the Wyoming Democratic Party's version through the following links:

Hold an Event -- One of the most effective ways to gain attention regarding an issue is to hold an event. This could be a:
Roundtable discussion
Table at the farmer's market
Rally or march
House meeting
These events do not have to consume your life, but will help to bring greater attention to the issue. If you are willing to hold an event, please contact me and I will help you with the logistics, information, handouts, and general enthusiasm.

Attend an Event -- Know what is happening in your area and pay attention to events that have to do with health insurance reform. Having a presence, whether they are in favor or against, is important. Be sure to spread the word and then attend events that are happening near you. Some important ones to keep on your radar are town-hall meetings, rallies, conventions, and public forums.

Write a Letter to the Editor -- Letters to the editor can be a great forum for voicing your opinion. I have template letters available that speak specifically about health insurance reform and I can help you with research information or wording if you are unsure. The best letters will be backed up by facts, be concise, direct, and call for a specific action. Letters should not exaggerate, insult, or be riddled with jargon. Be sure to sign your letter with your name, hometown, and contact information. Your letters can be sent to regional papers and also your local papers. If you need help with contact information to your local papers let me know. Editorial emails for the two largest papers are as follows:
Casper Star Tribune:
Wyoming Tribune Eagle:

Speak to a Member of Congress -- You can call, write, or go personally to let the Senator or Representative and their staff know how you feel. I do not recommend sending an email in this instance. Contact information for each of the following representatives can be reached by following the links below:
Senator Mike Enzi
Senator John Barrasso
Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis

FMI: Bri Jones,, (307) 752-5288

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