Friday, August 07, 2009

Teabaggers rehearse their lines for Obama visit

Teabaggers have time on their hands and they plan to "be out in full force to protest President Barack Obama's health care initiatives during his visit to the Bozeman area next week." according to Channel 7 in Bozeman.

Obama is planning a visit to the Bozeman area on Friday, Aug. 14. So-called highly-placed D.C. sources confirmed Wednesday that Obama will attend a fundraiser for Sen. Max Baucus at the Yellowstone Club Big Sky next weekend.

Should be a quid pro quo for that gig. Obama will attend fund-raiser if Baucus stops being an obstructionist on health care reform. No deal, no speech.

The Bozeman Tea Party group leader Bob Adney said that his members will join a town hall forum if one is held during Obama's visit.

"It's said, it's going to be a town hall, so I hope they're not going to screen participants for only people that support Obama. I really hope it is an honest and true town hall with lots of different people, and that they'll answer tough questions. But that's something we'll see. Hopefully it's not just a staged, you know, beauty pageant up there," Adney said.

Funny thing, the idea of screening attendees at public events is a Bush/Cheney trick. Not sure if Obama's people do the same thing -- it would be a shame if they did. The Secret Service and FBI have to do their jobs to keep dangerous people from the event. A few screaming wingnuts are not dangerous. Annoying as hell but not dangerous.

During his visit, Pres. Obama also will visit Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and Grand Junction, Colo.

By the way, jhwygirl at 4&20blackbirds broke the news about the Obama visit on Tuesday. Kudos to this always-alert ex-Wyomingite.

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