Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bonanza of articles about Wyoming

A healthy harvest of intriguing recent articles about Wyoming:

KL Energy Corp. has a plant in Upton, Wyo., that makes cellulosic ethanol fuel from wood scrap from Black Hills forests. Go to

Fourth of July Cowboy Tea Party attendees gather in Cheyenne to steep their teabags of outrage in the brine of wingnuttery. Go to

Unearthing Triceratops' horns at a dinosaur dig near Newcastle. Go to

Tammy Christel writes in the Jackson Hole Fine Arts Examiner about the struggles faced by Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary, a tremendous gallery in Jackson. It's confronting extinction by emphasizing its community base, going green and holding rent parties. Go to

Writing in New West, Michael Pearlman wonders why bus service has been so long in coming to Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. Go to

Amanda Fry concludes her three-part Platte County Record-Times' series, "Wind Energy in Platte County," with a look at the landowners' views of the issue. Go to Thanks to Wheaterville for the tip on this one.

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