Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sen. Barrasso: "Gubment should get out of the way of prosperity and liberty"

Republicans in the West (including Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso) continue to play "That Darn Gubment" game.

This comes from a 6/26/09 story by Courtney Lowery in New West:

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch says he, his fellow Senator Bob Bennett, Idaho’s Jim Risch and Wyoming’s John Barrasso have created the Western Senate Caucus because: “We have to fight very, very hard to make sure that the West is being treated fairly.”

In an announcement yesterday, the three Senators detailed a plan that Hatch likened to the Sagebrush Rebellion during the Carter years.

Barrasso says in the Salt Lake Tribune: “We believe in Western values, values of rugged individualism, of self-reliance and economic freedom,” said Barrasso. “We oppose the federal intrusion in the everyday lives of the people of our great country. The government should get out of the way of prosperity and liberty.”

The Senators times the formation of the caucus with its introduction of the Clean, Affordable, and Reliable Energy, or CARE, Act, legislation that Hatch described in a press release as, “A comprehensive energy bill… aimed at ensuring that all the energy tools are in place to fuel our economy and fix our nation’s dangerous overdependence on foreign oil.”

Hatch also said in the release, “One of the aims of the Senate Western Caucus is to thwart the anti-oil agenda of the Washington elite and their extreme environmentalist allies, while at the same time promoting alternative energy,” and he referenced Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s decision this week to repeal oil and gas leases in Utah. You can read some of the details of the CARE act on Hatch’s Web site.

These quotes are shot through with right-wing code words: "elite," "federal intrusion," "Western values," "environmentalist." And so on. These guys are so mired in the past that they might as well be dinosaurs stuck in the Permian ooze.

Sagebrush Rebellion? Give me a break. Anyone remember James Watt?

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