Friday, June 26, 2009

"Health Care Stories for Cheyenne"

Donna from Cheyenne says this on the Health Care Stories for American web site:

I work for the Wyoming Primary Care Association where we represent 18% of the state who do not have any form of insurance. It should be noted that does not include the Native Americans or Homeless persons as they don't have phones they answer in their home to answer the survey of whether they have access to care. Something has to be done now!

April from Cheyenne tells this story:

I have an upcoming surgery which is very needed and am still waiting to hear back from my insurance provider as to whether or not they will cover it. Even if they cover 80% I will still be forced to get a loan to cover the rest. The prices are sky high! The hospital stay, the doctor, the doctor's assistant, the anesthesiologist and the lab work will be thousands of dollars even after the 80% insurance will cover...if they cover it at all.

Do I have similar stories? Yes I do, we all do. That's why serious health care reform is crucial.


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Anonymous said...

Health is very very important our life thank u for giving this points

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