Friday, May 08, 2009

"Star Trek" more than a blast from the past

Today is our 27th anniversary.

I gave my wife tickets to the new Star Trek movie. Bought one for me and daughter too. Chris is a Trekkie or, as some prefer, Trekker. She watches original Star Trek reruns every Saturday night on Fox. She also has a complete set of DVDs from the TV series -- the first one.

The movie was exciting and fun. Characters were a shade different from the originals, but that only added to the fun. Spock was a little warmer (and has a thing for Uhura) and Kirk was a bit wilder. Special effects, of course, were boffo. But how tough is it to produce boffo effects these days?

Speaking of special effects -- we saw scads of previews for summer blockbusters. Lots of stuff getting blown up in June and July.

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